Showdown Flasher for 2010!
Marcum Showdown

New Version 5.6 with more power and improved software, the Showdown is your ticket to simplicity in seeing what's going on down under the ice! This is a very compact unit and I was excited about the ease of use last year when it first came out and this season's improvements should make it better and easier to use for anybody.

New - 12V 9 Amp Battery Included - The new 12V 9amp battery that is included with the system will keep you fishing even longer between charges.New - Custom Neoprene Soft Pack

Infinitely Adjustable Digital Zoom - The Showdown incorporated MarCum Technologies' patented moveable zoom feature. The zoom can be moved anywhere in the water column in 1-foot increments. The moveable zoom complements the Auto Bottom Lock Zoom so that you can maximize your ability to target both bottom fish and suspended fish!

Interference (Noise) Rejection - Tuning out other sonar units nearby is a breeze with the use of MarCum Technologies patented interference Rejection System.

Surface Clutter Elimination - Allows the top layer of the display to be free of any surface clutter feedback that might exist in the water column.  This allows you to see fish more clearly that are "crusing" just under the ice.Additional ShowDown Benefits:

  • Half the footprint size of standard flashers
  • Vertical display matches the water column for easy signal interpretation – top is top, and bottom is bottom!
  • Simple 7-button no-menu operation
  • Heated “Ice” mode prevents display slow down to -40 degrees F.
  • Silent operation - solid-state design is power efficient and eliminates the annoying “whirring” flasher motor
The water column below the ice is vertical.  Shouldn't the display on your fish finder be vertical too?The ShowDown Digital Fish Finder is a profound advancement in fishing electronics that’s both simple to use and affordable. ShowDown  sonar systems offer the highest in total system performance and offer the most exiciting technology in ice-sonar today.
Showdown 5.6 fish finder

Joe's Note: I've been using Showdowns since they started and my last exposure was to the old 3.2 model. Heck - that unit worked great! Crappies and walleyes in 20 - 40 feet of water were no problem. I like the smaller footprint and the easy visability when my back is turned to the sun. When the sun is on the treeline, all other flashers need to be turned away from the sun. That means you are looking right into the 3:30 PM sun. With a Showdown, you can sit with your back towards the sun and see your screen with EASE instead of going blind. LCD refelcts ambient light like a champ. LED's, and other lights are no match for the sun. The other cool part with this is the lack of noise. Nothing is spinning or whirring in a Showdown.

My biggest tip would be to make sure your battery is charged up. If you don't have it fully charged, at around 40 hours of use, you will still see the bottom, but you won't see your jig or fish. I couldn't figure out why my 3.2 was not working right last winter and I finally figured out that my charger conked out. I went for about 40 hours on that battery before I discovered the problem. Charged it up with a working charger and my Showdown was good to go again!

This winter I'm testing out that new Showdown Ice Troller. Very cool, compact handheld unit. I know - the guys who are hemming & hawing about the HUGE decision to buy one and try it out. From what I can see, some of you will be kicking yourselves as the guys who DID take the plunge are going to love this unit. It's economical, too.


showdown ice troller
Showdown Ice Troller - Order Here

You can buy just the Showdown Ice Troller or you can get the Slab Hunter Package which puts the whole thing together for complete versatility. Dock it for fishing in the pop up. Un dock it for checking out all the vacant holes surrounding your popup. Just hang it around your neck so you can drop it when you're puting down your line. When you plug in the gel cel battery in the popup, the Ice Troller bypasses the 6 AA batteries in the unit itself. Otherwise it runs about 20 hours on 6 AA batteries.

The differences in a nutshell: The regular Showdown 5.6 puts out 4000 watts of power, has a bigger screen and a zoom. The Showdown Ice Troller puts out 2000 watts of power and has no zoom. Trust me, if 20-40 feet of water or less, 2000 watts and no zoom will do just fine.
showdown ice troller package
See more about the Slab Hunter Package with Showdown Ice Troller Here


Summary - If you like simple, one of the ShowDowns should be just the ticket for you!

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