Marcum VS820 Black & White LCD Underwater Camera
Holy Smokes! Whatta cool camera!

Here's a daylight viewable camera for the guy who wants to spend more quality time on the water in the summer and on the ice in the winter. The new for 2007/08 Marcum VS 820 sports latest technological breakthrough from MarCum Technologies. This system features an all NEW innovative flat panel LCD black & white monitor. These new LCD monitors are sunlight readable eliminating the need for a sun shade or viewing shroud. The super high-resolution 600v x 800h LCD screen incorporates a sophisticated thermostatically controlled heater enhancing your viewing experience in winter conditions. The VS820 utilizes a Sony CCD Super HAD camera paired with our new Manta camera housing design. The super bright, high intensity blue LED lights and infrared lighting are located above the camera (not around the lens) reducing particulate reflection in low light viewing conditions.

That first part you reaed was the factory blahbitty-blah. I saw a really clear LCD monitor and a really cool new underwater camera that looks like the Seaview.

VS 820 in layman's terms

This black and white camera is easy to operate. It has a heater behind the screen to keep the liquid crystal moving nicely in cold weather. Just push buttons to turn on the unit, power the LED lights, adjust contrast, brightness and intensity. You can use the video output jack in the for recording the big one that swam by. It's a very compact unit as well.

Must-Have Accessories
The one thing you'll need is the Marcum Camera Compass to center the camera cable in the hole and allow you to determine the direction of the camera easily. Very useful item that can be used with ANY brand of camera. You also need Reel Weeds Camera Cable Structure. It seems a bit goofy until you see them in action. Fish that used to swim right up to the camera, inspect it and then ignore your lures and either swim away or hang out in just out of reach. Now they swim up to the weeds thinking that they have some cover instead of just seeing that suspicious and alien-looking camera.

You need this Marcum Camera Compass

Another Accessory MUST HAVE item is the
Reel Weeds Camera Cable Structure
so the fish don't pay attention to the "Seaview"

Underwater Camera Layout
When I go out, I like to drill three holes. One for the camera that is placed so that it can see two holes without having to be moved. Here's a diagram:

Summary - While having any underwater camera is better than no underwater camera for ice fishing, this is the top-of-the-line unit. I don't have to say anymore.

This Marcum VS820 Black & White LCD has 60 feet of cable. SEASON CLEARANCE PRICED NOW - Order Online

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