Fish TV Plus
Fish TV Plus

Year 'round fun with a proven track record. This is the same Fish TV as last year and it was a hit! It's a an entry level camera with the whistles and bell you need to have a great time at a very affordable price! Visitbiilty is very good plus you now get the new fangled fish camera for better lighting than on older models like the Scout SRT, Scout 2, and Scout XL. Here's the feature list:

  • 7-inch black & white CRT monitor
  • Adjustable monitor contrast, brightness and Explorer Lights
  • 100-feet of camera cable
  • Anti-spook Fish Cam with built-in Explorer Light System
  • Soft case included (with Zip-Out sunshield)
  • Carrying handle / Monitor tilt bracket
  • Accepts a 12-volt 7-amp rechargeable gel cell battery and battery charger(optional)
  • One year warranty

Buy this bigger, affordable camera and Get a FREE Camera Cover

Order your Fish TV Plus with FREE Camera Cover!  

For extra visibility during low light times, add the AquaVu Flood Light to your camera for that SeaView feeling - Click Here

For 359 degree viewing and hands free camera positioning (following where a fish goes), get this Motorized Ice Pod by Aqua Vu - Click Here

Other Cool Stuff
This particular camera alsohas infra-red lighting that the fish can't see and neither can you!

Here's what comes with your Fish TV Camera
Fish TV Camera
Fish TV infra red lighting
Fish TV Camera Cover
Camera Cover Sun Shield

The protective case with the zip-out sunshield is a simple, fast, feature that will make a huge difference when you are out of the shelter. The camera is deep inside the sunshield when extended so you'll be able to see the screen more easily in daylight.

The fish pattern camera is designed to not spook the fish. In fact, I think it will attract fish because it really does look like a good decoy. You can now buy the other body types (fish species) for the camera as well. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver to change them.

Each Fish TV comes with a auxilliary power supply cord that allows you to hook it up to a re-chargable 12 Volt Gelcel marine battery. Down the road, instead of buying a 10 C batteries to power it, you coud invest in a gelcel that you can recharge a lot. It's economical and a good way to go.

Handy Accessories for your underwater camera!
Aqua Vu Ice PodAqua Vu Ice Pod


When I go out, I like to drill three holes. One for the camera that is placed so that it can see two holes without having to be moved. Here's a diagram:

Summary - As with everything, all cameras have trade-offs. If you want a reliable, effective camera with temperature, this one is a good one to consider.

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