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ION Ice Auger

Coolest ice auger since sliced bread!

Eskimo ION Electric Ice Auger

This is the priced-right, performance auger you want for light weight simplicity and lots of holes in the ice! The Eskimo ION has a lithium ion battery pack much like the one you'll find on top-quality, construction grade power tools. It drills a lot of holes. The average ice fisherman is probably going to drill twelve to fifteen holes in a day and then it's time to go home. The box at one point said it'll drill 800" of ice on a charge which is 40 holes in 20" of ice. I'm not so sure about that. I would say with sharp blades, you could do about 25 holes and you would need to keep the battery warm as well. The battery unclips in 3 seconds and is not hard to bring into the shack. I did find that if you leave the battery outside in the cold, you'll cut your drilling down substantially. This is not much different than the Jiffy Propane auger. You need to keep the one pound tank warm, or you will not be drilling. Propane tank or battery, to use these two devices, you need to keep the aforementioned parts warm. Everything has it's trade-offs. Batteries have no mess or fumes, is light weight, but is susceptible to cold temps. Propane tanks have no oil fumes (they still DO put out exhaust) or liquid gasoline to leak but you need to keep the tanks warm and the weight of the unit is significantly heavier than the ION. Gas engine augers drill the most holes, have the most power, can sit in cold temps, put out a lot of fumes, can leak in your car trunk, and needs to be addressed for summer storage with fuel stabilizer.

I'm convinced that the ION is a fine auger for guys who fish in shacks and warmer temps. If you are going to put it in the cargo sled and go 15 miles by snowmobile and fish outside all day, this is probably not your best choice. For long distance, cold temp fishing below 10 degrees F, I would say a gasoline auger falls into place here. In between the two is propane.

This is a very light weight (22 lbs.) and the reasonably priced auger.

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Comparable Models from a Size - Feature Standpoint:

Closest model to this would be a Strike Master Electra. They are heavier, slower, lower priced, and cut about 15 to 20, 8" holes per charge. That is what happens when you have a lightweight lithium ion power pack like inthe ION. You get what you pay for.

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