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Clam Ice Armor Parka Deal

Clam Ice Armor Parka Deal- Ice Fishing clothing

If you are on a budget but still need a good get-up, this is the suit for you!!!!

When I saw these well made, feature filled basic parkas from Clam, I got all worked up! Everybody will be ignoring them for most of the winter except for those of you who will become truly enlightened by this article. And those of you with a budget and a brain will make a huge gain this winter!

This parka comes in 3 different colors as you can see on this guy whose expression never changes. He looks dull no matter what and he should be jumping for joy. You know Clams fantastic Ice Armor Suit - the blue one? That's the one I've owned for about 5 years now and I NEVER leave home without it to go fishing. These parkas that you see to the left are essentially the same, lightly insulated suit jacket that the comprises the regular Ice Armo suit. They look and feel virtually identical except for the color. They are beautifully made with even stitching and high quality cloth. Lots of pockets, internal waist and bottom cords, internal pockets, hood, and a light fleece lining (mine doesn't have the fleece lining even). You wear this suit over layers of your regular ice fishing gear JUST like I do with my regular Ice Armor blue suit. I really couldn't find any evidence of "skimping" going on and that's what I always look for after having been burned with other ice fishing products. I sure as heck do not want to stand behind something that isn't a great value for the price. This parka is a good parka.

Here's the difference between getting the Ice Armor Blue Suit and this Ice Armor parka. The Bibs. You get no bibs with this suit and the Ice Armor Bibs are flat-out excellent. However, when you buy this parka you get a for to fill out. Send it to Clam for the FREE Pants worth $50 (offer available to Dec. 31, 2010 - don't ask for the deal after that date - it's up to you do it - not me). The pants are black,windproof, waterproof, and breatheable with no padding in the knees or butt like the complete blue suit provides. Also, not a lot of pockets.

Who the heck cares if you don't have all the "bennies" of the bibs. These lightly insulated pants go ver the top of your long underwear or other pants and off you go! You're now ready to stand in the wind and kneeling in the water may be a tad less comfortable, but it's also lighter. Hey, if you are on a budget and need an excellent suit over your other clothes, why wouldn't you order these? Not only will you be warm and waterproof, you'll look really sharp as well and those soaking wet Carharts can finally stay home. Heavy, cotton duck absolutely sucks in water and cold when the waterproofing wears out. The other advantage of this suit: You are wearing layered clothing. That means if it gets hot, you can pull a layer off to adjust. That also translates to easy early spring and late fall open water fishing. Instead of just ice fishing, you can wear this suit for many more months and NOT look like a Smurf.

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Comparable Suits from Features/Fit Standpoint:

Also competes with Clam Ice Armor blue suit parka only. Fits pretty normal. If you wear a size Large, order a size large.

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