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Frabill IceSuit - Ice Fishing clothing

Joe's Review of the Frabill Icesuit: I was skeptical about bringing in another brand of ice fishing suit in to our already growing line of great ice fishing suits, but dang it, I had to go over to the Frabill booth and look at it. I put it on, noting all the extra features and pockets, drawstrings, formable hood brim (cool), adjustable neoprene sleeve cuffs (well thought out!).  It also has a fleece hook holder pocket where the pocket unfolds exposing your hooks for access but then folds them safely away when not in use. That was a neato-jett design. Also, the bibs zip-up to the hip for easier pulling on over your boots. Some bibs do not zip this high. There are also flap-cover on the zippers to keep out screaming winds out on the ice or in your driveway behind the snowblower.

While standing in room in 70 degree room temperature I got really hot rather quickly.  This suit was definitely an oven and I had to take it off.  I noted that at my size (6'2" 210 lbs. - yes, I know - I need to trim about 20 lbs.), I could fit comfortably in the size Large suit with enough room underneath to put maybe another two layers.  Only note I made was the the sleeves. Though they were comfortable, they could have been cut a smidge bigger in diameter. They might get a little tight with another two layers of clothing underneath. Now, being able to bench about 750 lbs. my guns might be the exception to the norm - just kidding - the only way I can bench 750 lbs. is with our Bobcat skidsteer. My guns are average at best. The sleeve length for my 6 foot arm span was great. I have fairly long arms and it fit without feeling just slightly too short.  Everything else from the waterproof breathe-ability to the padded knees and butt said to go ahead and get this suit.  So I did. We've added another suit into our fine line up of ice fishing suits for sale. You'll be quite pleased with it, I'm pretty sure.

Plus, the Frabill Icesuit is black. You'll look like a ninja while ice fishing.

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Canadians - read our shipping policy in our online catalog where the above link is going.

Comparable Suits from Features/Fit Standpoint:

Competes with: Ice Armor X Suits (Grey) and Arctic Armor Plus Suits.  Arctic Armor is the only suit that floats.  Ice Armor X Suit has the best butt coverage and most generous sleeve cuts and is made out of heavier feeling cloth on the outside.  If you aren't constantly getting into razor blade fights or leaning up against the Little Buddy in the pop-up, you should be fine with a Frabill Ice Suit. All in all, if you need a warm, dry waterproof suit that you can kneel in water with, you'll be very happy with the Frabill Ice Suit.   -JB-

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