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Strikemaster Insulated Ice Fishing Suit - bibs sold separately

Strikemaster all-weather, uninsulated suit - nice sweats on this guy. Apparently the jacket supposed to be our main focus.

Strikemaster Hard Water Wear - Ice Fishing Suits

Warm, comfortable suit for ice fishing

We sell a bunch of these each season. Nice warm parka on with lots of pockets. Windproof, waterproof, breathable. Almost the same warmth as a Clam X suit or Arctic Armor Parka. The bibs are not insulated however. They are padded in the knees but not in the seat. Parka is boldly embroidered with Strikemaster on the back and down the legs. Generous cut and pretty true to size. If you wear a large usually, get a large. If you are a big "large" you might want to get the XL. You can team up just the parka alone with a pair of Arctic Armor black bibs if you want the extra insulation. Order the insulated Strikemaster Parka Here


"MUST HAVE" Lure for Ice Fishing Everywhere
You gotta have one or more of these in your box!
#3 Chubby Darters for perch, panfish, stream trout and walleyes
#4 for walleyes, stream trout
#5 for walleyes, lake trout, northern pike
#6 for big walleyes, lake trout, big northern pike

This is our exclusive Rainbow Dace
Chubby Darter
Rainbow-type minnows are all over mid to northern US.
Click Here to Order your exclusive Chubby Darter

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Canadians - read our shipping policy in our online catalog where the above link is going.

Comparable Suits from Features/Fit Standpoint:

Slightly less warm (perhaps) than the Ice Armor X (grey) suit parka. Warmer than the Vexilar Cold Snap Parka. The uninsulated version would be equal to the Ice Armor Blue Suit parka.

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