Reel Weeds SOS and CCS for ice and summer fishing by LaDredge Outdoors are THE ticket to improved catches!

My dad, my friend Mike and myself spend a lot of hours ice fishing and one of our favorite pieces of gear to use is the underwater camera. Our personal favorite is the Marcum VS 560 or the VS 460 because you can just drill a hole, drop the camera in the water and you can see in all directions with that rotating camera. Just push the directional buttong and we literally follow the fish as they swim by. There are times when we feel like we're fishing in a fish tank. WARNING: Use of underwater cameras while ice fishing can be addictive. Prolonged use of underwater cameras in heated fish houses can cause one to never want the ice to come off the lakes - ever. While it it unknown for certain, there is no real way to overuse an underwater camera. Excessive ice fishing has been found to disrupt bad attitudes and poor outlooks on life. Please use with abandon.

And, we've seen every fish that is in our area swim by the camera. Walleyes, lake trout, rainbows, splake, northerns, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, northern pike and perch. We've also noticed over the years that when you drop down the camera on the mud flats of Jasper lake and others, the many fish will come out of the blue to look at the camera. It's a funny looking thing and definitely alien looking to fish. I'm pretty sure the fish don't analyze it like that but instinctively, they observe and do a lot of hesitating before they bite - IF they bite. Usually, if a largemouth bass is looking at the bait and a northern comes along, one of them gets possessive and goes for the bait before the other fish can get it. The walleyes will just swim by with a wary look in their eye. If there are no northerns around, the bluegills will sit there and think about it for the longest time and then move along. Talk about driving you NUTS!

In the course of all the hours we've logged using underwater cameras, we've always suspected that the alien-looking camera was spooking fish. To prove that point, we set up in areas where walleyes were actually biting and dropped down the camera. No more bites and they looked at the camera from a distance. Same thing with rainbow trout and lakers. They come snorting in aggressively, posture and circle, get your heart pumping in your throat and move on. AAARRRGGHHH!

So, we're ice fishing over the mud flats where no weed can be seen in any direction. We drop down the camera and out of the din appear ghost images of curious fish who look a the camera and drift away. Then this guy at La Dredge Outdoors comes up with the idea that the camera is what is both attracting the fish and scaring them. How to hide the camera? Reel Weeds Camera Cable Structure (CCS) !!!!!!

Using Reel Weeds Camera Cable Structure and Structure On a String is like hunting ducks with decoys or laying down a scent pattern for deer hunting. Fish who are cruising out in the open of the mud flats looking for those little worms that hatch in the mud see the instantaneous cover for finding dinner. The little guys move in with less worry about an aggressive 5 lb. northern coming in for the kill. The northerns and other predatores come in looking for the little fish knowing that weeds and other structure are where they like to hide. The part we don't tell them is that the camera is now cloaked with the cool Reel Weeds CCS and those other Structure On a String weeds are decoys. Whoever said life is fair? We're having fish for dinner tonight!

Take a look at the difference between a camera with and without the high quailty camoflage of Reel Weeds:

Take a look at the difference between a camera with and without the high quailty camoflage of Reel Weeds:
Reel Weeds on various underwater cameras

Fish can't see the camera cable and the camera blends nicely.

Reel Weeds are EASY to use as well. They come with clips and built-in loops that attach easily to any cable. Also, unlike fish-tank weeds, Reel Weeds have a cable core running up the center. They are made out of a durable, yet pliable resin that feels like those soft weeds in the lake. Simply clip on to your camera cable and wind up witht eh rest of the cable. No need to be clipping them on and off even in -20 degrees below.

Reel Weeds SOS 5 Pack
Reel Weeds SOS 2 Pack

Set out more Reel Weeds Structure On a String 5 Pack Weed Bed or SOS 2 Packs just like you would put out decoys for ducks. Give the fish a place to land - an alcove of weeds. Then you sit in the middle of the alcove with your really scumptious and satisfying bait. Watch it all unfold on the camera. When it's time to go home, just lift 'em up and crank them around the holder. Each Structure On a String Reel Weed comes complete with the string, holder, weight, and float. Just drop it in the water - winter AND summer!. When it hits bottom, you are all set. Get back in the shack and watch everybody come gliding in to see where that beautiful new weed bed came from within the last 5 minutes.

Fish Trap Guide surrounded by SOS Reel Weeds These are what you get in the SOS 5 Pack and SOS 2 Pack . Click on the image to see a bigger photo. Reel Weeds make a really cool gift for anybody who ice fishes!
Structure On a String Complete
SOS wound up
SOS float, string and holder
Here you see a Fish Trap portable ice shelter surrounded by weeds where no weeds exist. You can almost hear the fish coming in for a looksee.


This is an actual underwater camera shot with Reel Weeds Structure On a String - SOS 5 pack (smaller SOS 2 Pack also available) set up under the ice. Look at those northerns looking. Gosh!!! I can't wait for ice!
Northern Pike viewed on a Marcum VS 560 underwater camera with  Reel Weeds SOS in place

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