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Clam Bigfoot XL6000

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Clam Big Foot XL6000

Big. roomy, pop-up for a whole passel of fisherment! 8' X 14' of floor space! Holy smokes, there's enough room to fit the badminton net. You could set up your tip ups on one end and jig on the other. When you run to your tip-ups, you wouldn't need your coat. This ice fishing tent is gargantuan. Set it up over a reef and fish both sides. Drill a hole pattern and troll for crappies. Saw a spearing hole on each end and two of you can spear and whisper to each other. There's a lot you can do with this big ice tent. Inside is blacked out as well - for spearing and sight fishing.

  • Super tough 600 denier fabric – Twice as tough as most competitive models
  • Super-duty, flex tested poles (11mm)
  • Oversized skirt for ample snow banking
  • Oversized carry bag for easy re-packing
  • 6 Ice anchors and tie downs to secure in windy conditions
  • Setup Size: 96” x 168”, Center Height: 78”, Weight: 50 Lbs
  • Fishable Area: (112 sq. ft.)
  • Fishes 6-8 Anglers comfortably

Team this up with an electric ION auger so you can drill anywhere you want inside with no smoke, chairs, Big Buddy heater, your rods, Marcum LX9, and tackle and you have a get-up that will have everybody talking about the great time they had on the ice and you'll STILL be very portable except for when you bring the 65" flatscreen to watch when the LX-9 camera is down. It'll fit. -JB-

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Comparable Models from a Size - Feature Standpoint:

Slightly bigger than the Eskimo 9416 in floor space. Bigger than the Clam Command Post and the Eskimo Quick Fish 6.
Note: ALL brands of pop-ups come with ice anchors and carry bag.

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