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Eskimo 9416

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"MUST HAVE" Lure for Ice Fishing Everywhere
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#3 Chubby Darters for perch, panfish, stream trout and walleyes
#4 for walleyes, stream trout
#5 for walleyes, lake trout, northern pike
#6 for big walleyes, lake trout, big northern pike

Lures for Winter and Summer!
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Eskimo Fatfish 9416 - 6 Man Pop-up Shelter

OK- These new Eskimo Fatfish pop-ups are just plain cool! They set up just like any other pop-up but they also make better use of space than other designs. Instead of just cranking out the same, old, same-old, Eskimo developed this pop up to give you standing room to take your parka off but a little less of it. Coming to a point means that heat may not all end up at the top of the tent. But, because it's wider at the bottom, you are able to put your electronics out of the way or BEHIND the hole so you are looking right at them, instead of along side the hole. Because the of extra floor space you can also have more room to lay your auger down for when you have ice in the carburetor and need to warm it up. You can also stuff your packs out of the way as well. Plus, you'll look sharp and snappy in your new Eskimo Fatfish.

This is the 6 man version which is two 949 models built together just lika all other pop-ups by different companies. The Eskimo 9416 - 6 man popup is just as fast to set up and becomes one big open room when set up. Enough room for 6 guys inside. You will need more heat to bring the temp up as it is a big unit similar to a Clam Command Post or the Shappell Ice House 6000 TWIN or the Eskimo Quick Fish 6.

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Canadians - read our shipping policy in our online catalog where the above link is going. Big, bulky items cost more to ship and sometimes we can't ship them affordably to Canada. Ship to a US border mail pick up and cross over to pick it up. Much cheaper if you are able to do this.

Comparable Models from a Size - Feature Standpoint:

Fatfish pop-ups are unlike any other pop-up as they are sort of like a pyramid with a flattened top. Still set up the same as all other pop-ups but because they slant out at the bottom. You end up with slightly less head room but more floor spaces for putting gear. All other popups buldge out in the middle. The roof and floor on regular pop-ups are the same size in surface area. In the Eskimo Fatfish models, the floor has more surface area and the roof has less. You can pretty much look at the picture to figure this out. Most comparable is the Eskimo Quick Fish 6, Clam Command Post and Shapell IceHouse 6000 Twin.

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