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Jiffy Propane Auger

Jiffy Propane Auger

Jiffy Propane Augers

Jiffy Propane Augers

The Jiffy Pro4 propane auger crashed into the ice fishing world in 2010/11. While they were awesome for the most part, there were a few kinks that needt ot be worked out and Jiffy did just that. 2011/12 produced excellent Jiffy Propane augers and we saw a number of minor issues worked out. Here's what we know to about using Jiffy Propane auger:

  • You can drill about 70 ten inch holes in 15" of ice on one, 1 lb. tank. I drilled 25 ten inch holes on a little more than a 1/4 tank.
  • It pays to keep your 1 lb. tank in the fish house with you and screw it on the auger when you go to cut. Warmer is better.
  • They don't burn oil or smoke IF you transport them with the spark plug up
  • If you transport them with the spark plug down or on the side, you may have trouble starting it and a cloud of smoke pouring out of the smokeless propane auger. Sparkplug up - always.
  • They redesigned away the gas line problems of the first season
  • The Jiffy Propanes I used worked beautifully and powered through the ice effortlessly. I was thoroughly impressed.
  • They are a bit on the heavy side making them a younger man's auger. About 35 lbs.
  • You can run them indoors with no mess as long as you transport them spark plug up to prevent crank case oil from seeping into the cylinder head. It does not burn well and it can clog your spark plug if oil gets in there.
  • They are pretty darn quiet.
  • Warranty issues are ALL handled by Jiffy just like it say's in the friggin' box when you get one. We are not Jiffy mechanics. We just sell them. Very few warranty issues arise once customers actually read the instructions.

No priming, no flooding, no mixing fuel or getting smelly gasoline on your hands and clothes. Clean-burning propane powers this potent auger, and reduced emissions make it great for drilling inside shelters. Surprisingly quiet, its High-Torque Transmission™ (HTT) combines a heavy-duty clutch with an optimal gear ratio and ice-shredding blades to bore through ice quickly. Four-stroke engine. One 1-lb. propane cylinder is approximately equivalent to one tank of gas on other augers. E-Z Snap Cover included.

8", 9" and 10" available


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Jiffy Propane Augers

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Comparable Models:

Nobody else makes a propan auger. These are pretty cool.

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