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Eskimo Quick Fish II - portable ice fishing shelters

ALL Eskimo Quick Fish ice fishing tents are RED with dark grey inside. Removable, replaceable windows, super ice anchors, carry bag, fast set-up!

Here's a good 2-man tent!. You can carry it like a packsack or just put it in a sled and pull it. We set one of these ice shelters up in the store the minute it arrived last season. In 2005, it was a roomy 3 man tent. This is the new 2-Man model which should be just about right for 2 guys and really roomy for one. The tent, when in it's bag is about 4 feet long and about 6-7 inches in diameter. The storage bag comes equipped with padded shoulder straps so you can carry it like a pack on your back. Also, sewn into the carry-bag are the instructions with pictures for us guys who get stumped -briefly - not a lot of reading required either. It's an easy ice shelter to set up and it is quick, pretty darn quick. Just pop out the sides and top - feels like it's going to break but it's fine. The fiberglass rods are flipping over inside. I even went inside and pushed a side out. The only two drawbacks to this tent is that you can't quite stand up straight inside and popping the sides out is a bit harder to do than the QF 3 or the Ice Cube. They actually set up a little easier and you can stand up in them. Once it's up, I would screw this ice shelter down pretty fast - lest ye be turned into an arctic tumbleweed. For BWCA adventures in northern MN, these are the ticket!

"MUST HAVE" Lure for Ice Fishing Everywhere
You gotta have one or more of these in your box!
#3 Chubby Darters for perch, panfish, stream trout and walleyes
#4 for walleyes, stream trout
#5 for walleyes, lake trout, northern pike
#6 for big walleyes, lake trout, big northern pike

This is our exclusive Rainbow Dace
Chubby Darter
Rainbow-type minnows are all over mid to northern US.
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Weighs 18 lbs.

Base is 5' X 5' and the middle is 6'4" X 6'4". Definitely roomy!

Canadians - read our shipping policy in our online catalog where the above link is going.

Comparable Models from a Size Standpoint:

Bigger than the HT portable 2-man ice fishing tent shelter but you can't stand up straight. You can in the HT tent but only in the dead center. The Quick Fish II is the same size as the Eastman Outfitters Ice Cube 2-Man Tent


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