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Eskimo Quick Fish III Insulated - portable ice fishing shelter

This is the Eskimo Quick Fish 3 Insulated. It weighs a bit more but requires 20% less effort to heat and you won't get dripped on like you will in ALL non-insulated tents. Very nice unit. Will not have a black out inside due to the quilting that makes up the fabric. Lets more light through so this is not as good for spearing or siht fishing. To darken them up, some guys will throw a cheap tarp over the top. All the other info is very similar to a regular Quick Fish 3. So, if you like it a little warmer inside (who doesn't?) this is a great way to go!

The Eskimo Quick Fish 3 has THE track record or proving itself to be a really handy tent for 2-3 guys. From what I can tell, started selling pop-ups for ice fishing in 2004 and they came from Eskimo. Everybody else is copying Eskimo as that is the way the world works, but Eskimos Quick Fish 3's are probably the best-known pop-ups available on the ice today and with good reason. they as are good tents! Our Eskimo Quickf Fish customers are loyal to the product because they work well - it's that simple. Eskimo Quick Fish 3's set up in seconds every time. Just drill your holes, slide the tent over the top and anchor it down. Knock down is just as fast! The tent when in it's bag is about 4 feet long and about 8 inches in diameter. The storage bag comes equipped with padded shoulder straps so you can carry it like a pack on your back. When we pulled it out of the bag, it has what looks like a cooking utensil pouch with about eight REALLY aggressive ice screws inside. Hmmmm - I think they are trying to tell us something about wind. Also, Eskimo makes the best ice anchors, period. They are a tapered shaft screw with a big handle on them for screwing with your mitts on (I couldn't pass that up) and they have a washer welded onto the shaft which socks down the ice shelter. All other anchors need to be put in at an angle which works pretty well, but I did notice that when the sun is out, those angled anchors heat up just a little and met the ice around them. Then they loosen up. Eskimo anchors are pretty long, so the tip if straight down, should remain solid in the ice. Also, sewn into the carry-bag are the instructions with pictures for us guys who get stumped -briefly - not a lot of reading required either. It's an easy ice shelter to set up and it is quick, pretty darn quick. Just pop out the sides and top - feels like it's going to break but it's fine. The fiberglass rods are flipping over inside. I even went inside and pushed a side out. Once it's up, I would screw this ice shelter down pretty fast - lest ye be turned into an arctic tumbleweed. There's enough room in this ice shelter for three pretty good sized guys (or four medium sized women - gotta be PC or I'll get yelled at) and a heater. OR, you could put one or two guys with a roomy spearing hole in the ice as well. If you gotta go far into the woods or are limited for space in your vehicle, this is going to do the job very well!

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Eskimo Quick Fish III Insulated

ESKIMO Quick Fish 3 Insulated
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Weighs 28 lbs.

Base is 70" X 70"
Middle is 90" X 90"
Well over 6 feet tall in center

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Comparable Models from a Size Standpoint:

Dimensions are about the same as a Clam Basecamp

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