Tip Up Light for the ultimate in knowing what's going on without having to run - or maybe needing to run - NOW!

Ice Fishing

Now this is innovation in tip-up fishing! Just when the walleyes are biting after dark, it gets hard to tell what the tip-up outside is doing. Sure, the flag might be waving, but it's dark out. You can have a regular tip-up light that turns on when the flag goes up and that does help. There are all kinds of them out there that do this. And, you can have the radio controlled beeper that goes off from 300 feet away so you don't even have to look out the window to know when the flag goes up. The one thing that you cannot have with all the above-listed light/sound options is knowledge!

Knowledge, you say? What more knowledge does one need when using something as simple as a tip-up? The one thing that the Ice Fishing Lighthouse provides that NO other tip up light has is the ability to tell you if the fish is running to beat the band or licking that minnow like an ice cream cone on a cold winter day - not a lot of enthusiasm... Everything changes with the Ice Fishing Lighthouse, ultimate Tip-up Light!

The Ice Fishing Lighthouse not only lights up when a fish is actively on, but it also actually spins as fast as the fish is stripping line off the spool. So, now in the dark, the unit lights up with two light bulbs and then rotates letting you know how fast you gotta run, or if you can take a leisurely stroll. I've looked at number of tip-up lights and haven't seen anything like this anywhere. You can also tell in DAYLIGHT if you should be running and diving or stopping for coffee along the way.

But, now I'm sharing "the knowledge" with you and you can get one right here. You really don't need to make any modifications to your tip up. Set up is simple and fast. Push the ON/OFF button, fasten the magnet on to the flag, and then stick the magnet/flag to the top of the lighthouse after you set your line depth. Walk away and look out the window of the shack every now and then. If you see spinning lights, put on the parka and run like the wind!

Below: Here you see what the Lighthouse looks like when it's set up with various tip-ups. It just thumbscrews to the rod that sticks out of every tip-up and the magnet secures the flag at about a 45 degree angle. When the rod spins, the flag releases and the two lights light up while spinning. Incredibly useful at night with a "mini 4th of July" feel. OK, may not that festve, but a very useful tip up light nonetheless.

So, whattya waiting for? Get your tip up Lighthouse for ice fishing for yourself and/or for a gift. They come in assorted colors!

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