Fishing for lake trout? You absolutely NEED ond of these in your box! This is the "local's secret" in lake trout lures and you can't find these just anywhere! This awesome lure is like an old-fashioned airplane plug but its sleek, all metal design make it tougher and act differently than those airplane plugs. They should call this a Jet Plug because when you pull up on its unique, patented design, this lure screams out about 20 feet makes a circle and returns to center. You can't fish too close to you buddy and lakers big and small come snorting in to see what's going on down there!

These plugs are made in Britt, Minnesota by a real Minnesotan! That's even slightly better than being simply built in the U.S.A. by an American!

Here are some shots of the plug. I'll try to get action footage this winter out of Snowbank or Burntside Lake.

trout teaser trout teaser trout teaser

trout teaser
-Trout Teaser-
Coy name, ferocious lure

trout teaser

Looks like a drone.

Here's a Trout Teaser with
Osama's name on the side
trout teaser
The yellow underside shows with this dive.
trout teaser
Practising touch-n-goes with the Trout Teaser.
trout teaser
Available in two sizes - Large for Lake Trout, Small for Walleyes
OK-the puppet show's over. Here are the sizes and colors.
You can order your very own Trout Teasers HERE
trout teaser sizes and colors
lake trout caught with trout teaser

Now, I know for a fact that you'll catch more lake trout (and other fish) if you don't fly your Trout Teaser around the yard while pretending to blow up terrorists. And, if you needed a secret weapon for fishing, this is it. My guess is that it would be a great plug in deep water for the summer time as well. See where the lakers are hanging out on your Eagle Graph and drop a TT on their heads!

It's going to be -4 F below tonight (Nov. 29, 2006) and we have ICE! WooHOO!

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