Original Viking Spoons are a Swedish Classic and a stple of freshwater and saltwater fisherman for over 50 years!  Solid brass with stainless steel splitrings and a Mustad treble hook.  Cast or troll them for walleyes, lakers, northerns, plus you can vertical jig them under the ice for a wild flash presentation.  The secret to Original Viking Spoons is the perfect center of gravity that is developed though a unique bending in the manufacturing process.  This allows for extra casting distance and unbelievable action that gam fish cannot resist.  To use in winter, tip it with a minnow head/tail and jig up in short 6" lifts.  Another tactic would be to drop it down to the bottom and crank it back to the top for lake trout.  They will usually hit on the upswing.  Vary your rate of retrieve and be sure to use a good swivel to help minimize line twist.  Put a few in your box and use 'em all year long!

1/4 ounces, 2.5" Vikings available
in the colors below. Also available
in the 2/3 ounce, 3" size as well
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2/3 ounce, 3" Viking Spoons in
these colors Lakers,
walleyes, northerns in
deeper water

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1-2/5 ounce, 4" Vikings in
these colors for Lakers,
big northerns, and muskies

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