For fishing big northern pike and lake trout, this is the heavy artillery you need! Tie on a Mustad Pike Hook on your tip-up and hand it down the hole. If you are on a trout lake you are offereing the perfect set up for a serious predator to come in and hit your cisco, smelt, or dead sucker minnow. You could also slide a white, 4" or larger tube bait over the end of this hook and set up for big predator attack. The presentation allows a big fish to bite the bait head first. Put a few of these hooks in your box! 3 per pack.


Rigged with a 4" tube. You can also rig up a large swimbait with the pike hook as well. Just pretend you're hooking up a dead minnow.

So there you have it! Go set up a tip-up with your bait or lure suspended either near the bottom, higher up, just under the ice, where you see fish suspended on your flasher.

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