Salmo Hornets are really popular fishing lures and they are hard to get! We have a lot of them in stock usually but don't be surprised if we run out of a particular color and size. Available in sinking and floating models, Hornets are doing well all over the place and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area is no different. Use a light rod, light line and fling them into shore for excellent smallie action in Knife Lake, Basswood, Ensign, Thomas and more! Troll the sinkers down deep for walleyes and don't be surprised if you get whacked by a 20 lb. northern pike, too! You should have a few in your box no matteer where you go fishing!

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Salmo Hornets are HOT for Stream Trout, Walleyes and Bass

Salmo Hornets

These are HOT plugs coming from Salmo.  After getting lots of calls for them, we finally got our act together and ordered a bunch of the most popular sizes and colors.  The most requested sizes are 3's, 4's and 6's.  Use the sinking 3's for stream trout in lakes by casting them or trolling them down deep.  You can add a couple of #4 splitshots ahead about 14 inches ahead of the plug to get it down deeper.  Also, you can cast them upstream in rivers and retrieve just a tad faster than the current.  Use the floating #4's and #6's and cast them along the edges of cabbage weed beds, over reefs for walleyes, into rocky shorelines and along lily pads for bass. 

You'll definitely want to keep some of these puppies in your tackle box for when the fish get finicky.  Remember to go to a smaller size plug when the biting slows down. 

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Model Type Length Weight Line Dive Depth FT
H3S Sinking 1-3/8 1/16 6 lb. 3.5-5
H4F Floating 1-3/4 1/16 6 lb. 5-6.5
H6F Floating 2-1/2 3/8 10 lb. 6.5-10





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