Less Tying - More Fishing

Maximize your time on the water with top-quality fishing flies. Imitate natural insects, catch more fish, and focus on the fun. Say goodbye to hours spent tying and hello to more casts and catches. Choose our flies for a better fishing experience.

  • Adams

    A classic and versatile fishing fly, effective for catching trout, grayling and other species in both still and running water. Its simple design, using feathers, hair and synthetic materials, is a staple in angler's fly boxes.

  • Doc Spartly

    With its roots dating back to 1949, the Doc Spartlys lifelike design uses a combination of feathers, hair and synthetic fibers. Popular among anglers for its success in both still and running water.

  • Hot Wire Caddis

    A caddis pattern fishing fly that accurately imitates the caddis fly's movements and appearance. Ideal for catching various types of fish, including trout and grayling, in moderate to fast currents.

Expertly Crafted

Enhance your fishing with our expertly crafted Canadian flies. Tied with care, they imitate natural insects in North American waterways. The result? More fish and a better fishing experience. Choose our premium flies for an elevated fishing experince.

Diverse Selection

From chironomids to woolly buggers, we've got you covered for any stream or still water location. With three of each fly, you'll have the right fly for any conditions. Whether you're fishing in rivers or lakes, our flies will provide you with the best possible chance to catch more fish.